Bachelors in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology (BSLPA)

The four-year BSLPA course is spread over three years of course work followed by one year of internship. The course consists of two core subjects and many allied subjects. Course is affliated to Bangalore University and Recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India.

Total Seats: 20.

Duration: 6 semesters + 1 year internship


Few careers offer the flexibility, the satisfaction and good remuneration that a career in the field of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology (SLPA) does.

Hospitals, Special schools, Academic institutions, NGOs, Private Practice and Industries (where noise levels need to be monitored and employees' hearing health protected) are some of the traditional settings. With increasing awareness about rights of the disabled, need for good communication skills, newer career opportunities are emerging. Corporate speech pathology is an emerging specialization where employees are trained to improve their communication skills. Now, more Audiologists are finding work with big players in the hearing aid industry and with cochlear implant manufacturers. Opportunities exist for Speech Language Pathologists in forensic field too where voice printing is an important diagnostic tool.

U.S., the website of U.S. News and World Report placed a career in SLPA high on its list in 2006. Even in India career in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology is being seen as a rewarding one. There are nearly 8 crore people in the country who need the services of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists and there are hardly 3000 graduates at present. So there is a severe shortage of man power..

Careers abroad beckon many youngsters. Be it work in clinical settings, public schools or academic institutions, many head abroad soon after completing their course. Some go there to pursue higher studies too.

Course Details

The core subjects are

  • Audiology
  • Speech - Language Pathology

The allied subjects are

  • Psychology
  • Linguistics
  • Medical subjects - Anatomy, Physiology and ENT

The study of Audiology prepares a student to become an Audiologist. Audiologists diagnose hearing problems and are responsible for fitting of hearing aids. They also work closely with children with cochlear implants and in hearing conservation programs.

The study of Speech - Language Pathology prepares a student to become a Speech - Language Pathologists ( SLPs). SLPs are involved in identification, assessment and treatment of communication disorders. These may range from speech problems in children to difficulties in speaking that are a result of stroke or head injuries. SLPs also treat stuttering, poor clarity of speech and voice problems. SLPs are also now involved in the management of dyspagia or swallowing disorders.


Clinical Facilities

The Institute has an excellent clinical set up consisting of a well equipped Audiological department and speech diagnostic dept. A full floor of 3000 sq feet is dedicated to the speech therapy unit. Institute also has a neuro rehabilitation unit were adult patients with stroke and other neurological conditions receive therapy.  Here, Students receive practical training in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of speech language and hearing disorders.


To ensure varied clinical exposure the Institute has a partnership with the following hospitals:

  • Bowring & Lady Curzon Hospital, Bangalore
  • Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Medical College, Bangalore
  • Sapthagiri Medical Hospital, Bangalore
  • CSI Hospital, Bangalore

Students spend approximately 18 hours every week in observing and working with patients. All clinical work at Samvaad is under supervision. Students are given training in following evidence based practices in the treatment of communication disorders in children & adults. All therapy sessions are documented and progress is monitored closely.


Samvaad has a well equipped library with the latest books and journals. The library also has high speed internet facilities.


Institute runs a ladies hostel  with all the facilities.

Arrangements are made for  boys accommodation



Core Faculty

Radhika PoovayyaMrs. Radhika Poovayya- M.Sc (Speech and Hearing), BCBA - Director- 25 years of experience.

Kumudavalli. S, ReaderMrs. Kumudhavalli - M.Sc (Speech and Hearing) - Reader- 37 years of experience.

Bharathi Prabhu, Lecturer in Speech Language PathologyMrs. Bharathi Prabhu- M.Sc (Speech and Hearing) - Senior Lecturer- 25years of experience.

Anne VargheseMs. Anne Varghese - M.Sc (Speech and Hearing) - Senior Lecturer - 14 years experience.

Avinash. K.Mr. Avinash. K., Lecturer/Clinical Audiologist

SuhasMr. Suhas, Audiologist.

Beena AssumptaMs. Beena Assumpta, Speech Language Pathology

Abhishek B.P.Mr. Abhishek B.P., Asst. Professor

Prajna BhatMs. Prajna Bhat, Lecturer/Clinical Audiologist

AnithaMs. Anitha, Lecturer

SnehaMs. Sneha, Lecturer, Speech Language Pathology


Clinical supervisor:

Erafana, AudiologistMs. Erafana - M.Sc (Audiology) - Clinical Supervisor- 2 years of experience.

Reshmi MohanMs. Reshmi Mohan, Clinical Supervisor- Speech Language Pathology


Allied Subjects

  • Mrs. Nalini Sridhar - M.Phil (Psychology)
  • Mr. Ramesh - M.A (Indian Constitution)
  • Dr. Shanthi Ramachandra- MBBS
  • Mrs. Jayanthi Krishna Kumar - M.A (Linguistics)
  • Dr. S.P. Deshmukh - MBBS,MS, DLO (Otolaryngology)
  • Mr. Ramachandran – M.Sc (Statistics)
  • Mr. Ranganathan - B.E (Electronics)

Eligibility Criteria

Pre-university OR 12th Std with minimum pass marks in any three Science Subjects.

Any of the following science combinations are accepted: PCMB / PCME / PCMC / PCBH (Botany / Zoology).

Minimum Age: 17 years

Why Samvaad?

  • Experienced Staff
  • Clinical exposure in leading Hospitals
  • 20 students per batch which ensures ideal student teacher ratio
  • Exposure to International professionals at in-house seminars

BSLPA Application

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